Glen Guarino

Guarino Furniture Designs

My love for woodworking began when I was nine years old visiting my uncle in England where I watched him build a model sailboat. When I returned home, I built a workbench in my parents basement and started working with simple tools and scrap pieces of wood.  Over the years, my skills improved and I began to develop my style.  I came to the realization that if my work was to improve, craftsmanship, material, and function was not enough.  The work had to be about form.  I decided to earn a Masters in Fine Art.

Now, many commissions later, I hope my furniture conveys a sense of the person behind the art: someone that loves the creative process. Each new design is an adventure, exploring my imagination and the potential of the material. My hands-on approach allows me to let the simplicity of the design reveal itself. Each piece imparts a serenity and calm that reflects the tree’s grace and strength. As the design becomes real and tangible, I get a sense of a tree evolving into a new life. As a useful piece of art. I’m grateful to be the catalyst for this rebirth.

-Glen Guarino