"There is no barrier between the art and the beholder."

Glen Guarino’s functional sculpture exists in the shared space where the values of aesthetics and function co-exist to inform one another. Glen’s unique pursuit of beauty is shaped from the mindset that his work can have a dual existence, one that is both interactive with all the warmth of home, as well as embody a creative expression of individuality. There is no barrier between the art and the beholder, but rather an invitation to feel something transcend with a touch, to begin a relationship with life.


“I design pieces with the aim to explore the functionality of sculpture; to both augment a space as well as embrace an existence outside of the glass case. For me, my goal is to blur the lines of reason between what we create, and why we create.”


Glen Guarino has been designing and making furniture since 1978 and his pieces are in private as well as public collections. He draws inspiration from a conflux of Asian, African, and European design principles while ranging between Art Deco and contemporary styles.