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Every now and then I have a chance to revisit one of my designs.  Continua is a case in point,  during the initial design conversation it was evident that the clients favored one of my sculpted tables called Storm. 

Continua’s design focus is to connect the legs with flowing curves that invite the eye of the viewer to follow along.  The top of the table is made from a Cherry slab I had on my drying rack for many years just waiting for the right design.  I enjoyed using my spokeshave and other hand tools refining the gentle curves of the form. 

Continua (back)

Size:  26”tall x 38 ¾” W x 18 ½” D

Materials: Black American Cherry (Prunus Seratina)   and top is rescued & air-dried Cherry

Technique: Stacked and sculpted 

Finish: Waterlux Original Finish

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