• Coming About
    Coming About is a signature piece because of its sculptural qualities. Most of my work involves pleasing curves and interesting form. I enjoyed using traditional fine hand tools to create these free flowing lines carved into the wood.  The different surfaces reflect light in interesting ways, often highlighting the wonderful […]
  • Arabesque
    The focus for Arabesque’s design was to combine a number of important elements that in combination would produce a delicate refined table, presenting the material in the best possible way. All the components have a light fluid form that blend together to create a well-balanced symmetric stance that gives Arabesque […]
  • Asian Interpretation Revisited
    ‘Asian Interpretation Revisited’ at ‘Works in Wood’ 24th Annual Juried Exhibition at New Hope Arts Center  ‘Asian Interpretation Revisited’ is now featured in ‘Works in Wood’ 24th Annual Juried Exhibition at the newly renovated New Hope Arts Center in Bucks County Pennsylvania. The show affords an opportunity for artists, designers […]
  • Stacking Up
    The original orientation of Stacking Up was to be vertical however while refining the shape and sanding I saw that laying the table on its side had the potential of being more dynamic. The addition of glass and the heavy steel allowed the form to be laid on its side. […]
Tranquility Table by Glen Guarino, Guarino Furniture Designs
  • Asian Interpretation Revisited
    ‘Asian Interpretation Revisited’ at ‘Works in Wood’ 24th Annual Juried Exhibition at New Hope Arts Center  ‘Asian Interpretation Revisited’ is now featured in ‘Works in Wood’ 24th Annual Juried Exhibition at the newly renovated New Hope Arts Center in Bucks County Pennsylvania. The show affords an opportunity for artists, designers […]
Guarino Furniture Designs Avorio Table Ambrosia Wood
  • Avorio
    I was asked to design a variation of on of my designs, a piece called Coming About  for a new client.  I drew many thumbnail designs and selected about 8 designs that I felt were suitable to show the interior designers I was working with.  Avorio  was the one selected. I made […]
  • Storm
    Storm table unites form and function with Northern Catalpa (top) and Ash (base) producing a pleasant working piece of art. I designed the piece to use wood that I had rescued. I chose to use a clear hand rubbed finish to enhance the natural beauty of the wood. One day […]
  • Encore
    The corners of Encore are two layers of dovetail parts coming together at a 90° angle. The dovetails have pieces stacked around it so it is not visible.  The table was designed to showcase the material without a lot of surface decoration. It is all about the form.
  • Lady’s Makeup Table
    My favorite furniture period is Art Deco, I love this period for its elegant curves, fine materials, attention to details and outstanding craftsmanship. This table is my version of the style. I had a large 12/4 board of Honduras Mahogany plank with a chard end on my lumber rack that I salvaged […]

  • Mezzaluna
    Mezzaluna explores a three legged table design with an end table height. The Curly Maple wood is carved with simple lines that eliminate stretchers. I designed the table to use one board for the base at 2“ thick resting on a lumber rack.  The top is made from another board.
  • In Tune
    When I design for a client I always develop several designs.  The designs usually represent two or more different directions, giving the clients more choices.  In Tune was a close second that I felt would be great one to do and show around.   On my lumber rack I had a […]
susans treasury guarino furniture designs 1
  • Susan’s Treasury
    It has been my experience that the process of working with a client on a new design can be very rewarding.  Susan’s Treasury is a case in point.  The clients and I discussed what the design needed to have to be both functional and attractive. The cabinet needed to have storage […]
  • Conference Table
    Conference Table is made from Shedua, Cherry, and Wenge woods and was originally designed for a CEO’s Manhattan office. The selected woods provide a striking contrast and highlight the detailing on the top and bottom of the legs. The table is all about design.  As you look at the table […]
Guarino Furniture Designs Display_Cabinet
  • Display Cabinet
    This display cabinet in Black American Cherry and Wenge is a companion to two other of my earlier pieces I made for the same office. The cabinet utilizes the same intricate leg construction as the conference and reception tables already in place in the office.  It was both a joy […]
  • Purple Heart
    Purple Heart table is named for the wood in this design and it is definitely one of my favorite designs.  The table has the strength to last many years and become an heirloom. I was very pleased when Fine Woodworking Magazine chose to highlight the table and Lark Books selected […]
  • Rooted in Craft
    The beauty of Rooted in Craft can be found in its rustic elegance. Traditional stacking technique is used with rescued Red Oak wood. The legs are similar to each other but do not have duplicate lines and flow into the top to create a continuous form. Most of my Northern […]
  • Double Bow
    This elegant end table is hand crafted from Swiss Pear wood. The original Double Bow table was made using a process known as coopering, the same process used to construct a wine barrel. The barrel like form of the table was then hand carved to the final shape. Swiss Pear […]
  • 5th Avenue Armoire
    5th Avenue Armoire has many fine details. There are eight hand dovetailed Curly Maple drawers.  I bent and veneered the doors using a two-part mold. The Shedua sides are hand shaped with one of my many planes.  The interior of the armoire is veneered with Curly Maple. I choose to […]
  • Bianca
    While working in my studio, I heard chainsaws across the street.  I walked over and found out it was a Northern Catalpa tree being cut down.  I related to the man in charge that I was a studio furniture maker and asked if I could have some of the wood.  […]
  • Geometric Table
    With Geometric Table, I used a lathe to turn the back section of the top that goes through the legs.  The table’s appeal is its clean look and straightforward joinery that allows the beauty of the wood to take center stage.  You can enjoy this table next to your favorite […]
  • Mesa Blanca
    Mesa Blanca is a very understated table. The focus of the piece is the simplicity of its form. The individual parts that comprise the whole blend one into the other so that the eye can move along the form without interruption.
  • Reclining Figure
    Reclining Figure is a functional sculpture design made from Swiss Pear wood using a traditionally joined and carved technique. Reclining Figure proved to be a very time consuming project with a number of construction challenges. Each small piece of wood had to have an angle chopped on each end, and […]
  • Harmony
    Harmony end table highlights the natural beauty and depth of Shedua and Curly Maple woods. The top is made from Curly Maple and the curved legs are done in Shedua. The base uses a coopering technique similar to making a barrel and the entire table is finished with seven coats […]
  • Curvilinear Coffee Table
    I designed Curvilinear with the idea that a number of wood combinations could be used.  Curly Maple and rescued Zebra wood  present a quiet strength, allowing the natural beauty of the wood to take center stage.  As you can see the glass top allows the curves of the table to […]
  • Showtime
    Showtime is a very striking cabinet with Zebra Wood veneer and solid stock.  The door handles are carved from solid Ebony. The upper cabinet houses a compartment for a DVD player and two drawers and the lower part has a large drawer to store DVDs.
  • Marriage of Triangles
    Marriage of Triangles is hand crafted from Shedua and Curly Maple. The mirror is made of Curly Maple, and the table with curved legs are done in Shedua. Gentle curves and classic symmetry of form gives this table and mirror a feeling of composure.  The eye connects the two shapes […]
  • Alexander
    Alexander desk makes an organic statement as sculptural form merges beautifully with walnut wood. As with many of my designs, I prefer to allow the beauty of the wood to shine.  Along with its sculptural quality, the design is also very functional.
  • Sweet Revenge
    Sweet Revenge coffee table emerges in rescued Red Oak wood using a creative traditional joinery technique and ebonized finish. The sweet part is the way individual parts come together to create one monolithic form that utilizes both positive and negative space giving the piece a sense of stability and a […]
  • Falling Water
    Falling Water was made from solid rescued Mahogany. The top of the table has a rare piece figured with a veneer that has an iridescent quality; reflecting light in a way that makes the top surface seem to shimmer.  I wanted to create a piece with legs that flow from […]
  • Monterey
    Monterey table conforms to my belief that true beauty lies in simplicity. This design is in accordance with the Asian idea of elegant simplicity, one of my core values for my art. The design allows the material to take center stage.