Susan’s Treasury

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It has been my experience that the process of working with a client on a new design can be very rewarding.  Susan’s Treasury is a case in point.  The clients and I discussed what the design needed to have to be both functional and attractive. The cabinet needed to have storage and the ability to display the unique collection of books, in such a way as to allow the viewer to connect in a meaningful way with each piece of art on display. An aspect of this design is to have the cabinet play a supporting role allowing the art to take center stage.  When the instillation was completed and I stepped back form the cabinet, I turned to see the clients smiling.  Susan’s Treasury is very much at home in their living room.
Maple, Shedua & Curly Shedua, Warm LED lights
Overall Size: 74 ¾ ”tall x 35 ¾“ wide at Bonnet x 17 3/8”Deep  and 19 7/8” Wide at widest part.