High Society

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High Society is made from rescued Walnut wood and has a wonderful presence, unifying a room, and pulling together other furniture elements. I offered to make a mirror for our bedroom to go between two new glass Art Deco lamps.  Among the many designs I drew, this one intrigued me the most. I felt it would be the right piece for the spot. After making a full size drawing and hanging it on the wall to get a feel for the design in its location, I was happy with the fit and I decided to try a new technique idea. 

In the past I would have tried to stack, shape, glue and then carve all of the details.  I instead made the first layer in the normal manner. The individual parts for the second layer I shaped to final shape before gluing them to the first layer. I glued them in position one at a time. This gave me much more control over the entire sculpture and proved easier to do. 

As I look at the mirror now hanging in place I get a very rare sense of satisfaction. This design is one of the few pieces that I have made that I would not change a thing.  The design is very tight with all the design elements working concert with the lamps, dresser, and the color of the wall. 

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