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Rescued Ebonized Mahogany 

Dimensions: 37”H x 15”W x 2”D   

I often enjoy working in the studio sculpting a mirror frame, especially after completing a major project. Using my hand tools, some of which are antiques has always given me a lot of satisfaction. As I pull my spokeshave along the wood slicing paper thin shaving I see a form taking shape.  Serafina is made from Mahogany that I ebonized using a very old technique that involves wetting the wood a solution of vinegar and iron.

In Exhibition:

2020: Noyes Museum Signature Artist 

2015: Explorations in Wood by Glen Guarino   Oct2015 Ocean City Arts Center

2013: Lie-Nielson Tool Events

2012: Works in Wood   Art Connections 8, Segal Gallery 

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