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Avorio Coffee Table
Ambrosia & Sapphire Glass
Technique: Stacked & Sculpted
Dimensions: 15” H, Glass 35”at widest point, 60” at longest point, ¾” thick

“I was asked to design a variation of one of my designs, a piece called Coming About for a new client.  I drew many thumbnail designs and selected about 8 designs that I felt were suitable to show the interior designers I was working with.  Avorio was the one selected.

I made a full size mock-up of each section with lines drawn indicating each layer to be cut, glued and stacked to give me the proper size mass.  As each layer was added I roughed out the shape using standard wood sculpting tools, such as large gouges, Abortech and Arbortech Mini- Grinder as well as heavy duty Sanders with 16 grit abrasives.   

With the use of shop made patterns and dividers, I was able to slowly pair down, removing excess wood allowing the final shape to emerge.”   

Guarino Furniture Designs Avorio Table Ambrosia Wood
guarino furniture designs avorio table sapphire glass